American Seed Coating is proud to introduce our new, state-of-the-art commercial seed treating facility.  Available to you will be: Insecticide, Fungicide, Miticide, Organic Fertilizer and Water Polymer treatments.  Seed treatments not only grow quality seed, but also profits.   

  • Ameri-Coat

    Ameri-Coat helps improve the rate of seed germination and emergence. It enhances seed survival during demanding periods. Ameri-Coat will ensure your seed gets off to a robust start, providing betterment all year long regardless of the season.

  • Aqua-Coat

    Aqua-Coat, an improved water use dynamic, improves the seeds ability to transpireThis is similar to a dry fertilizer, only wrapped around each seed. Aqua-Coat has shown to reinforce development in a wide spectacle of crops in numerous climates and soils.

  • Where can I use this?

    For use in nursery, agriculture, turf, and home gardens. This new technologhy will save money and time while improving overall performance of  your seeds.

American Seed Coating will offer Treatments for the following Seeds:

  1. portable toilets in Long Beach CA
  2. Omaha NE porta potty
  3. portable toilets in Pittsburgh
  4. Indianapolis IN porta potties
  5. porta potties Saint Louis MO
  6. Champion Portable Toilets Raleigh NC
  7. portable toilets Glendale AZ
  12. portable toilets Virginia Beach VA
  14. portable toilets Chesapeake VA
  16. portable toilets in Jacksonville
  17. Saint Petersburg FL porta potty
  20. portable toilets in Santa Ana


Alyce Clover Crimson Clover Pensacola Bahia
Argentine Bahia Hybrid Vegetable Seed Turf Type Fescue
Bermuda Grass Ladino Clover Turf Type Ryegrass
Buildup Lespedeza White Dutch Clover
Carpetgrass Lovegrass Yuchi Clover
Centipede Seed Orchardgrass